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Life in detail

The time inevitably comes when you no longer agree to compromise.

Location, architectural design, planning, garden square and parking, concierge service, lobby and restaurant are all the details of your daily routine. It is important they bring pleasure to you. O

A quiet downtown

The house is located at the corner of Dmytrivska and Richna streets. This is an old district that is long loved by Kyivans. That’s why it has a well-developed infrastructure: schools, clinics, shops, restaurants, beauty salons sports clubs and other amenities you may need for the most comfortable life.



Kamerton is built in the way that does not clash the architectural harmony of the historic center. This is classical architecture in a modern understanding.

Construction technology

Monolithic wireframe

Exterior walls

CQMS ceramic block 2 NF on a cement-sand mortar M75

Inter-apartment walls

A masonry of a full ceramic brick with a thickness of 250 mm M75 on a cement-sand mortar M50

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Elegant lobby

On the ground floor, there is a lobby with an approachable round-the-clock concierge service. The lobby has high ceilings, a spiral staircase, a fireplace and comfortable upholstered furniture.


Technical characteristics of the building

Construction technology
monolithic wireframe
Exterior walls
CQMS ceramic block 2 NF on a cement-sand mortar M75
Inter-apartment walls
a masonry of a full ceramic brick with a thickness of 250 mm M75 on a cement-sand mortar M50
Interior partitions
a masonry of a full brick with a thickness of 120 mm M75 on a cement-sand mortar M50
Warming of the facades
NCM mineral rock wool with density of 135–145 kg/m3
Facade system
0 floor—ceramic granite; 1st floor and above—a system of thermal insulation shell with a finishing decorated with mineral plaster (“wet facade”)
one freight and two passenger ones by Kone (or one in a 12-storey section), down to the parking lot
Entrance door to the apartment
metal shock-proof, with a peephole. Fire resistance EI 30, number of locks—2 pcs
in rooms and in the kitchen—5-chamber Rehau profile or analogue, 2-chamber, energy-saving double-glazed windows; on balconies / loggias—one-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows. Accessories with the ventilation function
Internal networks of hot and cold water supply
steel water-conducting zinced pipes. K-flex pipes insulation. Door-to-door separation from the accounting units to sanitary ware—KAN-therm pipes made of structured polyethylene in a protective sheath
Water meters
by Sensus, are placed in special cabinets in public corridors
Heating units
Vogel&Noot steel panel radiators with lower connection, with built-in thermostat and air vent, Herz regulating fittings. Installation of the door-to-door Apator heat meter
Electric networks
inside the apartments—by cable with copper lines of VVnf type
Electricity meters
inside the apartments are installed in a floor electricity panel: type of meters, according to the recommendations by Kyivenergo JSESC

Internal planning

Following global standards, we at Kamerton count bedrooms rather than rooms. A kitchen and living room are common areas for guests and leisure time, and, obviously, every apartment has them. A bedroom is personal space; therefore, it is the number of bedrooms that we specify in our descriptions.

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Render 1(+ фон)
Render 2-1

* possible interior solutions

Internal garden square

There is a garden square in the courtyard of the house. It is conventionally split into an active and quiet zone. In the active zone, you can leave your child playing, and in the quiet one, you can walk along the alley, or sit on a soft beanbag chair, connect to Wi-Fi and work.

Come to the viewing
+380 44 339 9655
Sales office: Kyiv, Vyacheslava Chornovola str., 27
Apartments address: Kyiv, Richna str., 4
Mon-Fri: 10.00 - 20.00
Sat-Sun: 10.00 - 18.00